Objectivity as bedrock of futurism

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Afzal Guru


By: Azam Inqilabi, Kashmir 

Futurism is a doctrine which entails eclectic and empirical appraisal of concepts related to human progress and advancement; it signifies emphasis on nonconformist inquisition. Futurism necessitates scientific anatomy and analysis of the factors which lead to progress in the field of research. Futurism, as political theory, relies and banks on pragmatism, empiricism and objectivity. A futurist would want to lay stress on objectivity and empiricism while looking for the vistas of sophistication of life. An intellectual is always averse to stagnation of ideas because it makes life look prosaic and a monotonous affair. So revolution in the evolutionary process of acquisition of perfection is dear to a futurist who is, in fact, a lover of objectivity, rationalism and realism.

In politics, megalomaniacal subjectivity is in itself a pitfall because it unavoidably gives birth to arrogance and swaggering and overbearing estrangement which converts a man into a paranoiac entity thereby making him look askance at others. A futurist and empiricist denounces and denunciates subjectivity in realpolitik. A futurist, due to his love for objectivity and rationalism, finds his heart adorned and embellished with the sentiments of compassion, benevolence and altruism. He is wedded to egalitarianism. He is a natural adherent of pacifism and pacification. He is an infallible proponent of the principle of coexistence, fraternity and justice. He is always eager to fraternize with the people who profess dissent.

Imperialistic subjectivity and chauvinistic arrogance of Delhi rulers does not allow them to see reason in Kashmir case. They, due to their malice and antipathy for Kashmiris, look upon Kashmir as a colony, dependency and protectorate. This is what human rights activist Mr. Gautam Navlakha corroborates in his outpourings when he is asked to dilate on Kashmir imbroglio. It is true that intoxicated imperialists of Delhi did succeed in achieving the objective of graveyard-silence in Kashmir through a chauvinistic and fascist approach and policy which licensed the use of all repressive modes of dictatorial dispensation headhunting, genocide, mayhem, carnage, rampage, desecration and sacrilege of the holy places of worship, outraging of the modesty of women, torture, persecution, custodial killings and sustained and prolonged detention of freedom zealots in the concentration camps of India. However, Kashmiris could not be vanquished, cowed down and coerced into submission. Heroic people of Kashmir are unquestionably resilient in their epoch-making struggle for Azadi.

Afzal Guru's hanging rendered the situation in Kashmir more complex, confounded and flummoxed. Now Indian establishment finds itself entangled and mired in the marsh and quagmire of uncertainty and unpredictability. For Delhi rulers the Kashmir situation is really inextricable, ineluctable and cul-de-sac. They fail to fathom how to grapple with the situation and negotiate the obstacles and hurdles which trammel their march to the goal of peace and pacification here. So they find themselves completely confused and perplexed in the mind-boggling and mind-blowing situation here.

Kashmir establishment, by dancing attendance on their Delhi mentors, tries to fortify its position which guarantees its hedonistic ease and comfort. The pro-India leaders are simply jockeying for position through what we call blame game in diplomatic parlance. They should, through soul-searching, understand the exigency and importance of a unanimous Kashmir voice regarding the peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue. Their hyperboles of power politics cannot alleviate and mitigate the sufferings of Kashmiris beleaguered and besieged by the powers around. Why should they act as ventriloquists for Indian rulers? Why should they continue to wallow in self-delusion and hallucinatory speculations?

No sane and seasonal political analyst accepted the judgement of Supreme Court in Afzal Guru's case as gospel truth. The court verdict was based on apocryphal jurisprudential dialectics. It made a laughing stock of democracy. It was, in fact, a parody and travesty of justice. Afzal Guru's hanging symbolizes the hanging of justice contrived and speculated by simulated system of judiciary. The court did not feel obliged to evaluate the exculpatory evidence in Guru's case. So the rash and brash adjudication facilitated the custodial killing of Afzal Guru. Aggrieved Kashmiris seek intervention of the global luminaries. Kashmir is in quandary due to clangour, commotion and pandemonium triggered off by the state-terrorism of India.

Kashmiris on Feb.11-1984, when resistance icon Maqbool Bhat was hanged in Tihar jail, could not orchestrate a show of spontaneous cathartic outburst of pent-up feelings simply because their sentiments and emotions had been benumbed and ossified by the smear campaign which Maqbool's adversaries had perfected through connivance with one another. However, the martyrdom of hundred fifty thousand Kashmiris, who had the privilege to follow in the footsteps of Maqbool Bhat did enliven and revitalize the emotions and feelings of Kashmiris.

Today consciousness, sensitivity and promptitude of freedom loving people of Kashmir is really enviable and commendable. Their reaction to the hanging of Afzal Guru was spontaneous and completely clannish. Agitating Kashmiris, in unison, created a situation where resistance leaders were forced to forge an alliance in the form of Muthidah Majlis-e-Mushawarat. Now it is time to knuckle down to the all-important task of launching of a sustained campaign for the transfer of corpses of Maqbool and Afzal to Kashmir for ceremonial burial here.

Futurists of India should make their rulers realize that, in the presence of about 40 crore impoverished and underprivileged people of India, craving for a position of prominence as a global power is preposterous and, in fact, ludicrous too. Delhi imperialists take pleasure in scrambling for hegemonic overlordship in South Asia at the expense of the underprivileged and dispossessed people of India. Hunger and expansionistic designs cannot coexist. Objectivity of the futurists of India should override and overpower the subjective arrogance of the rulers whose imperialistic mindset aggravated the situation in Kashmir.

Why should Delhi rulers, who blatantly reneged on their pledge and promise to allow referendum and plebiscite in Kashmir, bludgeon and bully Kashmiris into complaisance and acquiescence. Kashmiris will not relinquish and waive their right to self-determination come what may. They will resist the onslaught of India with added resolve and determination.

Objectivity suggests that monotheism should act a unifying centripetal force in the Muslim Ummah to blend and cobble the hearts together. Kashmiris, who identify themselves with the Muslim Ummah, make an ardent and fervent appeal to Muslim rulers to assert as conscientious sovereign rulers to safeguard the unity of global Muslim confraternity. That is sovereign remedy of the festering ailment bickering, polarization, cleavage and scission within. OIC, the organization of Islamic countries, can play a decisive role in the peaceful settlement of Kashmir, Palestine and Afghan tangle. Kheri Ummat and Ummat-e-wasst should co-opt the Christendom for desired transformation and transfiguration of the global civilization. This is what futuristic objectivity demands of you.

M. Azam Inqilabi

Patron JK-Mahaz-e-Azadi

Nageen, Hazratbal


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written by Waseem Shah, March 06, 2013
very informative and brilliant article as always by Azam sahib. Definitely the world we live in needs objective thinking to make this world peaceful and very societies arent pit against one another in any name, mutual co-existence i

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