Where our womens, girls, and children can get justice and humanity?

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A Womena issue


Mazeda A. Uddin

New Delhi has been dubbed the "rape capital" of India.  India's "inefficient and unequal democracy" cannot provide answers to social evils and that is why angry citizens are taking to the streets.

 Many across India canceled festive New Year's Eve celebrations Monday out of respect for the young woman who died days earlier from injuries suffered during a brutal gang rape. In the wake of ongoing protests in Delhi and elsewhere against the recent incident of gang rape and sad demise of the brave heart, there is a growing demand to make rape laws more stringent and severe.

However, the experience shows that making amendments in laws may not be sufficient to prevent such violence. The prevailing insensitivity in the society on gender issues, demeaning social attitudes towards women in families, communities, politicians, courts, police & military forces etc. are understood as some of the causes which perpetuate such evil. Besides strengthening criminal justice system, what could be other ways to achieve gender equality and justice for women?

“Violence against women takes a dismaying variety of forms, from domestic abuse and rape to child marriages and female circumcision. All are violations of the most fundamental human rights”.

This is just one of many forms of femicide that have occurred in India, which include rape, sexual assault, honor killings, killing of girls 5 years and younger by starvation and violence, and dowry-related murders, among others. All over the World from sexual violence that impacts thousands of women every day.

This 23 year woman is reported to have accepted a ride with a male companion on a charter bus in New Delhi where the six men on board beat them both with an iron rod.  The woman was raped repeatedly.  Reports say the rod was used in the rape.  The woman and her friend were then thrown from the moving vehicle.

In northern India, officials say a 17-year-old Indian girl from Punjab state who was gang raped in November has killed herself after police pressured her to drop the case and marry one of her attackers. Before her death Wednesday, there had been no arrests in her case. 

 It breaks my heart and makes me extremely angry whenever I hear about an incident. I think all those who harm women should be punished severely. 

Statistics shows that 572 rapes were recorded in New Delhi in 2011, and rape cases went up seven times in the past 40 years. "Over the past few weeks, violence against women in India received prominent attention worldwide, most of which dwelt on the root causes of the problem."

India’s rape capital or sperm city, 2012 saw a new high in rape cases after six years. Now here’s the shocker — only one conviction during the whole year, despite 635 rapes being reported and 754 arrests.

No wonder, as per 2010 statistics, Delhi was termed the rape-happiest of 35 major Indian cities and an expert kidnapper-abductor of women, accounting for 1,422 or 37.7% cases in the same cities. Not to be left behind, the rest of India has been doing its bit. Madhya Pradesh recorded 3,135 rapes, followed by West Bengal’s 2,311, Assam’s 1,721, Maharashtra’s 1,599, Uttar Pradesh’s 1,563 and Andhra Pradesh’s 1,362 cases.

Here are a few highlights:

January: Manipuri girl is repeatedly raped in New Delhi by a sales executive.

February: Acid attack on a 22-year-old Mumbai girl.

March: A 40-year-old woman is gang raped by four — including a constable and an India Reserve Battalion rifleman.

April: A woman is strangled to death in Amritsar by her husband after having given birth to a girl for the third time.

May: Gang rape of a 22-year-old in Punjab, who was also filmed in the nude.

June: An engineering student molests a middle-aged Kolkata housewife with four others.

July: Atrocious public gang-molestation horrendous and media spectacle of a Guwahati girl who dares to go clubbing in “Western clothes”, followed by the train-molestation of a 19-year-old girl who’s thrown out on resisting. Mid-yearly bonus — West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh record the highest number of crimes against women.

August: A Mumbai watchman with the mere intent to rape kills a 25-year-old lawyer in her own home when she tries to fight back.

September: Cowards continue to take solace in numbers with the Kharagpur gang rape case.

October: Astute politicians reveal that chowmein and free interaction between the sexes are reasons for rape.

November: Repeated rape of a 13-year-old Kerala girl by her father, brother and uncle over a period of two years.

December: And all’s well that ends well with Kolkata’s honor killing and Delhi’s bus gang rape and near-fatal beating .


 Rape” is a four letter word that has been thrown at me since the day I was born and over the years, all of these I have taken for granted and quietly learned to live with. Why? Because the few times I did raise a voice or make an issue, it was made more embarrassing for me than the perpetrator. I have heard innumerable horror stories from girl friends about abuse by family members, let alone strangers.


There needs to be meaningful dialogue and that can only happen if we do something about it ourselves.

How else can you explain a 3-year-old girl being raped?

Was she too provocatively dressed for her age?

 Is that even a question that should spring to our minds?

Sexual abuse is not even about the damn sex. It's sadly about the power the man has over the woman.

Without making men RESPECT women at the grass root level, in  our  families , in our schools, in our temples, churches, at society gatherings, weddings, celebrations, we cannot expect women to be treated on par.

I just want women to be treated as human beings and not objects and that is the only way we can honour the victim's death and the countless other women who have been wronged in India.

I am totally against violence of any kind especially against women and children. I raise my voice on any social media platform I can to help create awareness.  I was at the news conference as a speaker in front of Criminal Court with other politicians and different organizations for Cutbacks to the Violence Against Women Act. The landmark federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has provided a comprehensive approach to domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking for the past 18 years

  It is used as an excuse to rationalise  such  replulsive  and shocking behavior , endorsing misogyny and often creating a scenario where the victim is blamed rather than the perpetrator.

Its time for a change  Resolutions  for 2013? Ensure criminals are punished with terms longer and tougher than the  current  Penal  Code.   We  want  to invite you to support the campaign to end.

I think the message needs to be loud and clear that we do not condone any of this anymore. The government needs to take a stand and bring these people to justice swiftly.

 Our Women’s and girls need stronger legislation to combat the rise in crimes against women because our current laws are far too lenient. For a society, safety of women is the bedrock for any kind of real progress.

 The   strongest  deterrent for crimes against women will be an expedited  judicial  trial and severe public punishment; perpetrators need to be socially denounced and seen for the cowards they are. Women's groups must lobby for a law for the strongest punishment.

 Every year a UN report on Human Rights spits on the face Indians(men) saying India is one of the most dangerous places on this planet for women and female children. But somehow these politicians, who themselves or their party-workers (like the ones who shot a father of a girl in Punjab for standing upto them) are the dreadful sex offenders, have been able to overlook it year after year. The women sitting in the Ministries for women empowerment have also proven absolutely incompetent in this regard allowing India to fare better with countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan etc in this regard. ..... Had it not been for the people who have taken up the initiative to fight for the justice and a reformation, this case also wouldn't have any impact on the imbecile political class of this country. I salute those men and women on the streets who are protesting out there to make India a better place for half of its people.

 All Protesters and politicians has  to called for tougher rape laws, major police reforms and a transformation in the way the nation treats  women. I hope the death of this girl will not go in vain.

Let's unite to end violence against women and  chidren.

UNITE AND  SUPPORT - To End Violence Against Women and Children!  One voice a global initiative to create awareness about violence against women and children. Share the anguish and anger of the country over this heinous crime. Indian government is "committed to bringing the guilty to justice as soon as possible."

 Violence against women must never be accepted, never excused, never tolerated. Every   girl and woman has the right to be respected, valued and protected, Our Women’s  should come unite protests demanding  immediate  action from the government to punish perpetrators  of  the  heinous  crime  and  strengthen  laws that  deal  with  violence  against  women.

Join and work with us as we raise our voices against violence with informative features, news and issue-based stories; Together we can make a difference!


Let's  sit and react as victims, but do something ourselves to affect change. Meanwhile lets try and educate as many as people as possible, be safe and not to forget to vote for people who only have the interest of its citizens at heart but also have compassion  for year of 2013.

In Solidarity,

 Mazeda A. Uddin

E-mail; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ASAAL National Women's Coordinator

Queens County Committee Member

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