Tribunal Chief exposes his weakness: Salvage it from controversy

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By Mohammad Zainal Abedin, Writes from USA


The process of trial in the International Crimes Tribunal-1 takes a new turn when its Chairman Justice Nizamul Huq disclosed hair-raising information that his email and Skype accounts have been hacked and the London-based Economist has in its possession the correspondence between the tribunal chief and a Brussels-based Bangladesh-origin legal expert.

At one stage of closing arguments by defence counsel of Delawar Hossain Sayedee on December 7 (2012) Justice Nizamul Huq said he had occasionally discussed with Dr Ahmed, a Bangladeshi living in Brussels, the developments on International Criminal Law.

To understand the law, it is necessary for the judges to look into the process and orders of different tribunals and consult experts, Justice Nizamul Huq claimed and added he has had privileges of consulting expatriate Bangladeshis, including Dr Ahmed.

The daily Star quoted Justice Nizamul Huq as saying, on Wednesday (December 5, 2012) night, he received a phone call. The person on the other side claimed the call was from the London-based weekly and the paper possessed the record of his Skype conversation with International Criminal Law expert Dr Ahmed Ziauddin.

Justice Nizamul Huq mentioned the email and Skype accounts of Dr Ahmed had also been hacked and all the materials he had received from the expert were also in the paper's possession.

Such statements of the Tribunal Chief prove that he is lacked of proper knowledge and understanding to deal with the trickiest case of crime against the humanity occurred in 1971. A Justice when acknowledges so, shouldnt remain in his post for the sake of proper judgment. Chairman Nizamul Huq exposed his weakness and incompetence. A Judge shouldn't borrow anything from others or share anything with anyone to run his job. He proved that he is guided by others. Under such situation the Chief of the International Crimes Tribunal-1 may be misled by vested interests that will foil the guarantee of proper judgment. He himself should either step down or be removed by the concerned authority for the sake of upholding the prestige of the tribunal.

Meanwhile, a Bengali daily Amar Desh informed that the phone caller who claimed himself as an Economist Reporter said, they have procured documents of dialogues for 17 hours and several orders conveyed to Justice Nizamul Huq written by Dr. Ahmed Ziauddin.  The funny thing is that Chairman Nizamul Huq even asked the Economist not to publish the documents what they collected. It means if those documents are brought to light it may be seen that those have already been used by the International Crime Tribunal-1. If this prediction is correct that will be disgraceful not only for the Tribunal, but for us all as nation. It will mean that our judges are unfit to award proper verdict and they act according to others suggestion and assistance.

On the other hand, the government seeks that the Tribunal should deliver the verdict of the cases by December (2012), Amar Desh reported. It is mentionable leading Jammat-e-Islami leaders are being tried in the International Crimes Tribunal-1 and 2 for committing crimes against humanity in 1971. The Daily Amar Desh informed, the State Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs calling on Tribunal Chief requested him to quicken the verdict of the cases. It means, there is every possibility that Tribunal Chief may be influenced by other parties, including the government what may disrupt proper verdict and its impartiality.

As the case is highly political and the ruling party, even the prime Minister and her cabinet colleagues openly signaled what type of verdict they desire for. Government's position has already made the case controversial. The meeting of the State Minister for Law with Chairman Nizamu Huq and his acknowledgement of taking help from Bangladeshis expatriates deteriorated and worsened its image and acceptability further. The ruling party leaders, ministers, even the Prime Minister and last of all the Tribunal Chairman surfaced a question whether the verdict will be transparent, credible and impartial one. 

Under this situation it is desirable that the government should take immediate action to salvage the image of the Tribunal. Otherwise the verdict will suffer from the trauma of incompetence in one hand and partiality on the other.*

Mohammad Zainal Abedin,

Journalist & researcher, NY, USA

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Kangaroo Court needs to be dissolved
written by Muhammad Rahman, December 08, 2012
Nizamul Huq can't be regarded as Justice, he is stooge of current fascist party ruling Bangladesh. His conversation with Ziauddin exposes what kind of tribunal it is holding. Ziauddin is another co-horts of fascist Awami League whose only intention is to destroy political opponent of Awami League so this whole episode of war crime trial is nothing but a farce.
written by MD Alamgir, December 10, 2012
It seems to be an unfair trial. No one should be against trial. But it must be fair. If not so. It would be another crime against humanity. It would be another crime against humanity.

Let not it happen another crime against humanity. It looks like a curse to humanity. How can it be so. I want every criminal to be punished. But not in such a heinous style!!

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