Muslims, ‘Non - Devnagri Hindus’, Christians, Buddhists and Tribals should take the lead to salvage India.

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Hem Raj Jain, India 


Ref:- (i)- Post independence leadership of India by ‘Devnagri Hindus’ has failed India and has lost the will to lead hence now this combination of MNDHCBT should take the lead

(ii)- HRNGO first should be launched by MNDHCBT to rectify martial deficiency of India.

(iii)- Employment Guarantee Program of Union and States should be taken-up in a big way by this HRNGO

(iv)- This MNDHCBT combination presently constitutes majority of India.

(v)- MNDHCBT with Muslims its one of major component will give advantage to Governments of India & States in dealing with Muslims of J&K, Muslim illegal immigrants in N-E and with Muslim countries Pakistan and Bangladesh.

To what extent the sickness of India has reached the stage of critically ill condition does not need any elaboration because social activists for the last two years and entire media have been highlighting it. Suffice is to mention that if MNDHCBT [the combination of Muslims, Non - Devnagri Hindus (from Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Odisa and N-E), Christians, Buddhists and Tribals] do not take the lead to salvage India (which has been thoroughly mismanaged by ‘Devnagri Hindus’) as explained below then it may be too late:-

(1)- Since independence some how India has become a country dominated by ‘Devnagri Hindus’ [Hindi speaking Hindus and its surrounding people who are using variants of ‘Devnagri Lipi’ like Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati etc] as is evident from given below.

(A)- Had it been Devnagri Hindus and not the Tamil Hindus (i)- then India would have never propped-up the Tamil militants [and instead would have constrained Sri Lanka (SL) to devolve power through genuine federalism and which is the genesis of entire SL Tamil problem] and (ii)- then India would have never allowed Sri Lanka to eliminate LTTE and other Tamil militants and especially large number of civilian Tamils in such a blood bath by gory / brutal military operation of SL Army (which committed series of war crimes at such large scale in full knowledge of India).

(B)- Regarding Kashmir:-

(i)- India never bothered to take Muslim majority POK from Pakistan militarily, though Pakistan, one sixth of its size, tried it in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971 during Kargil etc. (every body knows that even in 1947 partition, people practicing same religion and speaking same language were not expected to live on two side of border / LOC, but India has made Kashmiris to do so).

(ii)- Moreover Hindu India has taken out Hindu Kashmiri Pundits out of Kashmir Valley and left Muslim Kashmiris to face the military and para - military forces of India by taking the excuse of terrorism, which is patently due to dereliction of martial obligations by Indian State [Every body knows that had Hindu majority India wanted, then terrorists couldn’t do any thing against Kashmiri Pundits and Hindus could have changed the demography of Kashmir by sending Hindu protector companions for Kashmiri Pundits in the valley and by abolishing article 370 of Indian Constitution] .

(C)- India has been discriminatory against its main minority, the Muslims:-

(i)- Gujarat massacre 2002 was projected as result of Godhra (though this principle is legally objectionable because it absurdly identifies individuals of democratic country with religion as they mischievously did with Sikhs massacre also post PM Indira Gandhi murder in 1984).

(ii)- But the same ‘illegal principle’ of ‘cause & effect’ is not applied to ‘Mumbai Bomb Blast’ tragedy (which is in news now days due to sentence awarded by Supreme Court to around 100 accused) which as per Muslims was the result of massacre of Muslims post 1992 Babri Masjid demolition in which thousands of Muslims were killed even as per Shri Krishna Commission.

(iii)- Moreover in 2002 Muslim massacre in Gujarat (as in 1984 Sikh massacre in Delhi) despite section 130 and 131 of CrPC the then Prime Minister, Home Minister and Defense Minister of Union and concerned Military officers were never booked and on the contrary a red herring was projected in the form of another accused the Chief Minister Modi, in order to render entire legal exercises to punish the guilty, ineffective and meaningless.

(iv)- Though reservation was started in India by taking an excuse that Schedule Castes of India have been socially disadvantaged historically and this reservation has nothing to do with Hindu religion hence was not given to any section of Muslims. But now reservation is given to even those castes of Hindus like Jats and Yadavs etc which once ruled in Bharatpur (Rajasthan) and Mathura.(U.P.) etc.

(v)- The status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid has not been restored till now though it is legally necessary as it was demolished in December 1992 in the presence of observer appointed by Supreme Court of India (SCI) and after giving affidavit in SCI by concerned authorities and Hindu organizations that the Masjid will not be demolished.

(D)- Similarly in N-E its people have been bleeding and suffering due to millions of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh but India does not bother about it.

(E)- Naxalism is mostly in areas where Tribals live who are never considered part of Hinduism proper.

(2)- From the above mentioned it is evident that the post independence leadership of India by ‘Devnagri Hindus’ has not only failed India but ‘Devnagri Hindus’ have also lost the will to lead. Hence now the MNDHCBT will have to take the lead if India is to be saved from further damage. For taking a lead in order to salvage the nation, entire population is not needed and majority of the population (which this MNDHCBT combination already has) is more than enough to ensure success to such leadership role.

(3)- The main objective of MNDHCBT will be to ensure human rights and justice to all Indians. Therefore first of all MNDHCBT should launch a Human Rights NGO – “Patriots for Human Rights’ (PHR) which will (i)- Solve three gory chronic massive problems [which are black-spots on the human right records of India namely of J&K (and of hundreds of thousand of Displaced Ksshmiri Pundits, the DKP), millions of illegal immigrants troubling the people of N-E and Naxalite terrorism which has infested about one third territory of India] in order to rectify the martial deficiency of Indian State and which has debilitated India to such an extent that it is hardly in position to solve any other problem of India (ii)- Ensure employment to every working age adult in order to provide him / her the economic freedom without which democracy has no meaning

(4)- .Once MNDHCBT take the lead then ‘Devnagri Hindus’ shall also develop confidence in this HRNGO – PHR and shall follow the MNDHCBT and shall support HRNGO – PHR and will become members of it in large numbers.

(5)- Once this HRNGO - PHR started by MNDHCBT picks-up the momentum then a political party will automatically emerge out of it and which will be fit to rule India.

(6)- In two programs of HRNGO – PHR (with following objectives) regarding J&K (for rehabilitation of DKP) and N-E (millions of illegal immigrants), the ~ 55 million Muslim population of J&K and 25 to 40 million Muslim illegal immigrants in N-E etc are involved and also two Muslim countries Pakistan and Bangladesh are directly related to these matters. Therefore HRNGO – PHR (with its sponsors the Muslims in MNDHCBT as one of its major component) will have tremendous chance of success and also it will bring a profound paradigm shift in Indian politics for the better.

(7)- Objectives of PHR

(i)- Though PHR may redress other Human Rights problems too on merit but the main objective of PHR shall be to provide a ‘Human Rights NGO’ so that PHR can protect the sovereignty of India and can help the Indians suffering from lack of Human Rights infra-structure and from Human Rights massive violations in the country as mentioned in these Objectives (ii) to (viii) (A) to (D)

(ii)- Three gory massive problems of (A)- Kashmir (and of hundreds of thousand of Displaced Kashmiri Pundits, the DKP) (B)- Tens of millions of illegal immigrants in N-E etc and (C)- Naxalite Terrorism which has infested one third territory of India - are not being solved by Government of India (GOI) and of concerned States. Hence PHR shall work as a democratic pressure group to constrain GOI and Governments of concerned States and shall help these Governments to solve these three gory massive problems.

(iii)- While rehabilitating these DKP, the PHR with the help of Indian State, will restore the lost properties (evacuee & distress sale) of these DKP to them back, in addition to getting all possible help from the Governments of Union and J&K in the interests of the rehabilitation of DKP and PHR shall also work for retrieve of Indian territory of POK (where 42 terrorist camps are operating) in a time bound program within two years.

(iv)- PHR shall work for the Human Rights of Indians as well of illegal immigrants (who have infiltrated in tens of millions in India from Bangladesh) by asking their native countries to take them back (after identifying & tracking them) with penalty OR by other means including by demanding commensurate territory and / or exclusive mineral rights etc from offending country in order to sustain them on Indian soil by making them Indian citizens (after imposing reasonable fine on them).

(v)- PHR shall help the workers of employment Guarantee Program of Union (NREGP, which is good for nothing and inadequate) & of States in the interest of Human Rights as per Article 25 of 'The Universal Declaration of Human Rights' (UDHR) and these programs shall be used to solve the problem of ‘Naxalite Terrorism’.

(vi)- In view of importance of Health and Education (H&E) for crucial Human Rights infrastructure for the people of India (especially in three, the J&K, N-E and Naxalite infested areas), the PHR shall run Health & Education Institutions all over Rural and Urban India on the basis of ‘capital on charity’ (with shares of charity as in public limited companies) & ‘revenue from fees’. In these H&E Institutions 51 % in Board of Directors shall be nominated by ‘National Council of PHR’ and remaining shall be elected by charity share holders.

(vii)- While solving problems in J&K and in North- East PHR shall work for the abolition of Article 370 and 371 (and its sections, sub-sections and sub-clauses) of the Constitution of India.

(viii)- In the wider interest of Human Rights of the citizens, the PHR shall also work at national and inter national level for the ‘sanctity of currency’ and also for the realization of other international covenants including against corruption, black money etc.

(A)- As per human rights program for J&K, in second half of May 2013 a public meeting / demonstration of at-least 50,000 PHR members shall be arranged at Delhi (preferably at Jantar –Mantar).

(B)- In this year summer itself, PHR will send [by ~ 20 Kilometers per day foot-march from said Jantar – Mantar demonstration], the protector- companion members of PHR who will grow to 1 million (including DKP) during this one month march (from Delhi up-to Pathankot before entering Kashmir by crossing J& K border) for the rehabilitation of DKP.

(C)- Then PHR will send 1 million members of PHR in N-E and 2 million members of PHR in Naxalite infested areas - the program for which shall be decided out of experience from J&K program.

(D)- In PHR / DKP one month long said procession (‘Foot-March’) only that much maximum number of ‘Paidal-Yatri’ shall be allowed to remain in the procession as administration of the en-route Districts shall allow. The remaining shall be required to reach at Pathankot-Camp (which will be set- up with the permission of District administration of Pathankot) where they shall wait till this procession reaches over there where 1 million members of PHR (including DKP) shall camp at river bank before crossing border of J&K (with the permission of administration of relevant Districts of J&K) in order to rehabilitate DKP in Kashmir valley.

(8)- Regarding doubts raised by some about accommodating 1 million at Pathankot - Camp, If as per media reports ~ 35 million general people can camp / remain at Kumbh this year at the bank of the river at Allahabad then there is no reason why 1 million organized persons cannot camp on the bank of river before entering J&K at Pathankot-Camp.

(9)- If Indians think that India can be salvaged from present mess by sitting in drawing rooms and by chatting on social media without any on-the-field programs (like of PHR) then they are living in their make believe world.

Hem Raj Jain


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