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Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam was an unprecedented personality who undauntedly composed firebrand poems and songs against the cruelest, unjust and autocratic colonial rule of the British Empire in India and those firebrand spread all over the world. Nazrul unfurled the standard of rebellion through his own anthology of poems, ‘Agni Bina (Fiery Lyre)’ against the Empire’s colonial establishment. His firebrand pen remembered ever unbridled but relentless fighter against tyranny, falsehood, trickery, mockery and hypocrisy in the name of religion or else of villainous human nature in society. 

Kazi Nazrul Islam is our national poet but he is known to us as rebellious poet mostly. How many of us have known why he is our national poet? Have we ever tried to know when a poet can be a national poet? How should a nation show its respect to the national poet? Have we ever thought why Nazrul is called a rebellious poet? These questions are very crucial for us because showing our respect to Nazrul nowadays makes us confused whether Nazrul deserves the honour to be our national poet or not. 

Two words ‘Joy Bangla’ of Kazi Nazrul Islam influenced Bangubandhu to proceed at the early political ground of his political career. Even when the Liberation war started the freedom fighters got inspiration from his poems and songs because his poems and songs can easily awake a sleeping man to go in the battle and encourage to sacrifice his life for human welfare and against illegal, corruption, suppressor, autocracy and colonialism. The man who likes independent loves his poems and songs. As a result, The Shadin Bangla Bettar waited for its journey until Nazul’s birth anniversary came in 1971 and the radio station frequently broadcasted his songs and poems. Not only that, but also after being liberated when Bangubandhu became free from Pakistan jail and came back in Bangladesh, he decided to make Kazi nazrl Islam as our national poet. So, he sent ambassador to India with request for getting Nazrul permanently. At last, he succeeded and Nazrul came to Bangladesh and started living here as a national poet. 

But the situation has been changed just after the death of Bangubandhu, especially for last twenty years he has been ignored notoriously. One day goes; an untouched and unseen force is trying to detach him from us. The reason is not unknown because his poems and songs are canons for destroying and threatening corruption, illegal and evil deeds, imperialism, suppression and working as the inspiration of the deprived and powerless people. So the more we know why he is our national poet, the more we shall be conscious about our rights, the more the oppressors will be threatened to lose their power. 

As common people it is our duty to be aware about our rights and we must go through his poems and songs for it because he depicts every right clearly and shows how we can get them or what we should do. But unfortunately we confine ourselves in a vague discussion on him on his birth and death anniversary. Moreover, we highlight those discussions a bit. So, those do not reach to the general people. 

A man can easily be confused after seeing how the state celebrates Rabindranath Tagore’s birth and death anniversary, how the educationists research on his works and the role of print and electronic media. No doubt Rabindranath is one of the greatest poets of the world. His talent is immeasurable. It does not mean that no one can be researched and read like him. Why he is the best one because when some others’ writings are compared with his works and discussed, the clear distinction of their genuinely talent makes the difference and reaches him the peak. We must remember as in a forest tiger and lion live together, we can understand which one is the mightiest animal. 

In this regard Buddhadev Bose said, “Nazrul came at a time when Tagore’s influence was at its height, treating himself free from bondage to it was an almost impossible feat. He escaped from Tagore by the strength of his own personality and infused Bengali poetry with new vigor, new blood. He awakened aspirations and longings which, in their turn, inspired a widespread restless seeking. They demanded fulfillment. The hour of turning had struck for Bengali literature.” 

Can anyone claim how Rabindranath is highlighted and researched; Nazrul is researched and highlighted the same way? Or the much money spent for analyzing, highlighting and publishing of Rabindranath’s works and Nazrul’s works are the same? If not, why is this discrimination? Is Nazrul a racist? Or are his works in favour of racism? Or why is Nazrul introduced as a rival poet only? Rabindranath was a poet of multidimensional genius. But Nazrul was also the same genius and he was more than Rabindranath to some extent. It does not mean that here Rabindranath is humiliated. 

For example, Nazrul is a poet of all classes, races and countries; mostly he is a poet of those who are the deprived. He was a teacher, an actor, a composer, an artist, a dramatist, a novelist, a story writer, a politician, a solider, a father, a lover, a journalist, an editor, a farmer and a revolutionist against colonialism. He never compromised with colonialist and oppressors. So he was a complete man. That’s why; he could go through all kinds of people and feel them much. But with a conspiracy he is introduced with us only as a rebellious poet and music composer. 

To prove him as a poet of all races and nations, two examples are enough; first, he was only a composer who composed Islami songs and Shama songs and second, his song of Eid-ul-Fitr. Most of us enjoy the music of Eid-ul-fitr song and may not try to listen and understand the meaning of the song. If anyone tries, his mind must be changed and rethink to make any social discrimination. 

More interesting thing is that when we arrange a number of programmes to know Rabindrantha’s philosophy and we never tell any word whether any philosophy exists in Nazrul’s works or not. Should we believe that there is no philosophy in Nazrul’s works? When Rabindranath was in the peak of his famous for his excellent creations, Nazrul was born and broke the circle of Rabindrantyh and established a new era and trend in writing. He became successful to use his wring as a weapon against colonialism. He was also able to make a unity between Muslims and Hindus. He should not be evaluated only as a poet or a composer. In 1971, we were influenced by Bangubandhu; whereas, Bangubandhu was influenced by him. In this way he also became the part of our liberation War. So he is ignored means we are dishonoring the spirit of our liberation war. 

He is being frightened for some reasons. First, if his works are read more and more, the true will come out and no one can be dominated us any more. Second, those who want to get the benefit after creating a racial cinflict between different religious groups will be caught and rejected by ordinary people. Third, highlighting Rabindranath, his works may be hid but by doing it, Rabindranath is humiliated. Fourth, if his works are read again and again, no new colony can spread their wings anywhere. Fifth, it may be the part of international conspiracy as he is a Muslim. 

As Nazrul was right to discover some common traits and qualities among all human beings, he sang of equality. ‘I sing of equality./ in my eyes there’s no distinction between a man and woman./ Whatever welfare-oriented works have been performed in the world/ for the bebefit of human beings,/half of that is achieved by woman and the other half by man.’ (The Woman by Kazi Nazrul Islam)

Winston E. Langley in his essay, Kazi Nazrul Islam and the voice of poetry in the affairs of humankind’ appreciated Nazrul as saying, “it is out that this humanist tradition that one should locate Nazrul Islam, just as one would Beethoven and Shelley for example. In his fifth Symphony, we find Beethoven portraying and celebrating human triumph over fate, and in his Nine Symphony, culminating in Schiller’s “ode to joy,” triumphantly proclaiming the sisterhood/brotherhood of humankind. In the case of Shelly, one has only to examine his “Prometheus Unbound”. “Nazrul Islam representes more than the combined focus of Shelley and Beethoven. For him the voice of poetry constitutes the most comprehensive imaginary utterance which human can articulate, with possibilities.” ( Nazrul Institute Journal Vol.6)

As 29th August is his death anniversary of Nazrul, we hope he will be presented and remembered with proper honour and the coward and hypocritical people will change their mentality and refrain themselves from hiding Nazrul but take steps to see the light in Nazrul’s works. Otherwise, we have a weapon which Nazrul has given us and we will apply that to give them lesson. The weapon of Nazrul is:

“I would be calm that day 
When the cry of the oppressed 
Would rend the sky
And air,
When the brandishing weapons of death of the tyrants
Would not be rattled in the fiercest battle field, 
I would be calm that day….” (The Rebel)

Mohammad Jashim Uddin
Charuta Foundation
E Mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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